We are a London based studio blending design, software and aesthetics emerging from data, processes and human behaviour.



We work with brands, research groups and organisations on new ways of experiencing data and understanding complex systems; We bring in generative strategies, computational design, machine learning algorithms and data visualisation and combine them with human sensitivity.


We create bespoke tools to explore the possibility space from early stages of research and concept development, through prototyping and experimentation right until the final artefact. Variable brought to life ever changing digital sculptures for Twitter, immersive installation for Monotype, data driven designs for Nike, 28k projection for Google, R&D workshop for Wellcome Trust and many more.


We use code as our primary medium. Our in-house open-source 3d engine allows us to reach across print, web, mobile and large scale screen installations.


Marcin Ignac

Founder & Creative Lead

Marcin specializes in data visualization and computational design. He finds beauty and inspiration in structures of biological organisms, in patterns emerging from data and complexity of computer algorithms. He believes in applying these concepts to shape our understading of technology mediated creativity. In 2012 Marcin combined his background in Computer Science, New Media Art and Interaction Design to start Variable and fulfil this vision.


Nick Nikolov

Creative Developer

Nick is a creative developer with background in sound design. While deeply interested in the technical side of things, his strong sense of aesthetics emerges in his work. With projects ranging from generative fashion design, machine-learning-driven systems to data visualisations, his set of skills have found the perfect home at Variable.


Damien Seguin

Creative Developer

Damien is a creative developer with an original focus on interactive experiences. His interest in computer graphics, generative art and data visualization is driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. From blues rock rhythms to modern jazz dynamics, the mathematics and impromptu aspect of music complements his creative work.


Simon Harris

Junior Creative Developer

Simon is a newcomer to the computer graphics world, with a strong scientific background and a passion for learning.



Kristina Iankova



Vladimir Kuchinov