Fibers is a visualization of Nike FuelBand data from the trainings preceding We Own The Night - Nike Women's 10K run.

To celebrate effort of preparing for the run Nike has chosen 7 influential runners equipped with FuelBands. Up to the minute Nike Fuel data was then collected 24/7 and delivered to Variable to transform into beautiful artworks. This is how Fibers were born. 7 digital fibers growing when the person is working out, one for each day of training, stylized uniquely for the given runner.

  • Nike
    2014 / London, UK
7 runners x 7 days
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Each fiber represent the activity throughout the whole day for a given runner. We can notice when somebody is working out (thicker areas), how the days compare to each other (are they similar shape), how active were you (colors) and you record (tallest fiber).

In few cases where the data details was missing we simulated the daily schedule based on historic data and represented as white (colorless) fibers.


All images and videos were produced used custom in-house software powered by JavaScript, Pex, Plask and WebGL. We use deferred rendering, physically based lighting and 4K resolution to achieve top rendering quality in realtime.