We are a digital studio based in London working globally with brands, research groups and organizations on new ways of experiencing data; from concept ideation and art direction, to prototyping and production.


Generative And Data-Driven Art
Generative And Data-Driven ArtFrom ever changing digital sculptures to data driven systems with thousands of outcomes
Data Visualisation R&D
Data Visualisation R&DQuestion how your users experience and interact with information
Bespoke Design Tools
Bespoke Design ToolsAutomate your process and empower your designers to deliver customisable designs

Selected Works

Visualising Advanced Technology
Visualising Advanced Technology GSKGenerative Branding Campaign
MRI of the Earth Google Arts & CultureAI Data-Art
Critical Dialogues Digital CatapultData Art Campaign
Broadgate dn&coGenerative Branding
Inflows / Outflows
Inflows / Outflows Private CollectionData-driven Artwork
Technology Garden IBMData-driven Artwork

Dive deeper into our work

Case study: GSK 1Learn more about how we conducted the research, visualised data and came up with the concepts.
NodesOut internal generative design tool is now in public beta.
Open Job PositionsWe are now looking to expand our team. Come work with us.