We are a digital studio based in London working globally with brands, research groups and organizations on new ways of experiencing data; from concept ideation and art direction, to prototyping and production.


Data Visualisation R&DQuestion how your users experience and interact with information
Bespoke Design ToolsAutomate your process and empower your designers to deliver customisable designs
Generative And Data-Driven ArtFrom ever changing digital sculptures to data driven systems with thousands of outcomes

Selected Works

Technology Garden IBMData-driven Artwork
Visualising Advanced Technology GSKGenerative Branding Campaign
You Are I/O Self CommissionedArtwork Anthology
Broadgate dn&coGenerative Branding
Be In The Know Transport For LondonSeries of Generative Posters
Inflows / Outflows Private CollectionData-driven Artwork
Timespace DropboxData-driven Artwork
Android Diversity GoogleData Visualisation

Dive deeper into our work

Case study: GSK 1Learn more about how we conducted the research, visualised data and came up with the concepts.
Case study: IBM Technology GardenAn in depth walkthrough how we transformed tennis data into generative garden.
NodesOut internal generative design tool is now in public beta.