Infinite Dreams

Variable worked with Hirsch & Mann for H&M to revolutionise its Regent Street store, putting an innovative brand experience at the forefront of the newly refurbished flagship store.

The constantly evolving, generative artwork interacts with customers as they travel on the escalators between the ground and first floors. It changes in line with the time of day, seasonal campaigns and can now be updated in line with upcoming collections.

  • H&M
    2022 / London


In collaboration with Hirsch & Mann, we combined the movement of fabric with digital aesthetics to create an artwork that reflected both fashion and technology. The slow flow design creates a living ambience effect where the artwork becomes part of the architecture and fashion collection itself.

Artwork Software

Infinite Dreams artwork is based on cloth simulation algorithm with elements of interactivity. A set of cameras is tracking movement of people moving up and down the escalators which then impacts the cloth by generating wind forces matching the movement.

Our tool (created in Nodes, our in-house realtime art platform) and content management system allows to create a number of themes and assign them to a schedule to match changing seasons and collections in the store.


Throughout the year long project, the creative teams at Hirsch and Mann and Variable immersed themselves through a multitude of exploration and design stages, to bring to life a generative canvas that elevated the retail space

Location: London

Flagship H&M store at Regent Street, London

Location: Barcelona

Location: Stockholm HQ

Holiday Season 2023 Content

For the 2023 Holiday Season we joined forces with Hirsch & Mann again to develop new artwork based on a concepts of infinite mirrors, prisms and internal reflection.


Variable was involved in all phases of the project process, from initial design brainstorming and hardware testing, through prototyping and visual explorations, early installation to full software production, on site testing and delivery.

Visual explorations
Early hardware test at Leyard factory in Slovakia
On site testing

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