Visualising Advanced Technology

In cooperation with We Launch we designed and built a generative branding campaign representing advanced technologies used by GSK in the modern drug development process.

The technology behind drug discovery and development is rapidly advancing. With the rise of big data and machine learning, drug companies now have ability to see patterns and connections that were invisible to humans. How to communicate these complex systems is an unanswered question that we tackled in this project.

  • GSK
    2020 / London


We imagined a system of technology planets with an algorithmic surface processing data at the core. All this bound together with an interplanetary highway of machine learning networks, as omnipresent as it is in the process itself.


Over the span of 10 months we went through deep context research, data acquisition and visualisation, interviews with domain experts, look and concept development, prototyping all the way to the final delivery.

Data-driven design process timeline

Visual Explorations


For this project we used a combination of real-time and pathtraced rendering for different purposes. For data visualisation, look development and algorithmic prototyping we used our in-house creative coding tool Nodes. For complex simulation, geometry construction and final rendering we used SideFX Houdini with Maxons Redshift renderer.

Final renders

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