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Inflows / Outflows

Inflows-Outflows is a series of 4 data driven artworks reinterpreting population flow data. Using a custom developed algorithm Variable analyzed millions of data points and transformed them into beautiful artworks encoding the trends in the data.

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Each of the artwork in the series shows the same data but from a different perspective. The colors have been inspired by local architecture and traditional ornaments.

Inflows / Outflows I
Inflows / Outflows III
Inflows / Outflows IV


All the prints have been generated using custom software (JS + WebGL) at the resolution of 38k x 27k for an exceptional quality.

Inflows  &  Outflows I
Inflows  &  Outflows III

Hi-res prints

Click any of the prints to see high resolution version of the image.


Using bespoke tools Variable analyzed over 10M data points representing immigration patters across 2006 - 2014. Each track or column represent one area of the country split into 5 sub-tracks representing different education levels of the immigrants. The red areas represent the outflux of people following the 2008 economic crisis.

Interactive 3d view of the visualization