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Critical Dialogues

Critical Dialogues is a visual identity and an interactive installation at Digital Catapult’s London office seeking to understand and shape future applications of advanced digital technologies.

This project is a manifestation of that mission engaging the tech and business community through thought provoking questions and their visualisation across social media.



We represent each Critical Dialogues questions as a strange attractor - a mathematical formula converging to a particular shape. By assigning specific type of attractors, we can visualise a given online conversation converging towards a consensus or diverging into a heated discussion.

Each question is accompanied with an attractor based on the answers from the public
Answering a question makes it glow as your contribution is added to the database
Combining attractors and themes creates variety of outputs

Conversations are centred around four main technologies, each associated with a specific colour used in the corresponding questions: Immersive, Artificial Intelligence, Future Networks and Distributed Systems + generic yellow for connections between questions and Red representing Digital Catapult itself.

Questions Map

As the user answers the questions the visualisation grows, morphing the thread of conversation into another attractor representing the next question.

Growing questions map
Question Map
Flying throght the question map inviting you to participate

Identity System

The generative system works in real-time across installation, web and mobile.

Visual explorations

Network growth with alternative color scheme


Critical Dialogues was created using - our in-house visual programming environment. Learn more how Nodes enables us to create cutting edge data driven art and design.

Critical Dialogues project graph in

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