Marcin's Nodes Stream

The Stream

Marcin's Nodes Stream is a series of live YouTube stream recordings showing (out visual programming tool) in action. Marcin Ignac covers topic ranging from the basics of Nodes interface and simple generative design techniques to more advanced algorithms in 3D.

01 - Intro to Generative Design in

In the first episode Marcin covers setting up a canvas for 2d drawing and simple 2d generative algorithm.

Intro to Generative Design in with Marcin Ignac
Anatomy of a Nodes project
Setting up drawing canvas
Simple 2d generative system
Bonus: replicating Blender Geometry Nodes in

02 - Cubes and Colors

In the second episode we cover 3d scenes and procedural buildings.

Marcin's Nodes Stream - Cubes and Colors
Setting up 3d scene
Adding instancing to increase complexity
Using noise to modify the facade
Applying colors


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Future planned topics include: 3d noise and particles, behind the scenes of large studio projects projects, generative art and NFTs and more.